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Video Production

How Marketing Videos Help Your Website Strategy

Posted  January 7th, 2013  by  David Caron

Marketing videos are a powerful tool that businesses have been using to help their website. What people often don’t know or understand is how video helps their website. As marketers, if we don’t understand how a marketing tool can benefit us or how it works, we don’t typically use it. Videos however are something that [...]

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Successful Lead Generation Strategies for Businesses

Posted  December 21st, 2012  by  ashleytaggart

Successful Lead Generation How much money and time is being spent on lead generating?  Where are all your efforts being directed, outbound lead generation or inbound lead generation? What steps is your company taking to successfully generate leads? Do you feel like your way of doing things isn’t working out? There are simple steps you [...]

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Top 10 FREE Social Media Channels For Your Business

Posted  December 19th, 2012  by  David Caron

Social media is growing daily and there are certain places that you need to post your content to be successful. Here’s a quick list of the top 10 free social media channels you’re business can use to capitalize on this ever growing medium. Your social media campaign messaging should be posted on Facebook, Google+, Twitter [...]

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Video Production

5 Effective Ways To Use Video in Your Marketing

Posted  November 20th, 2012  by  David Caron

Marketing is among the most important aspects of business, after all unless you market what you do and who you are potential customers will not know who you are or what you have to offer. As the world becomes increasingly visual and interactive, businesses need to step up their game and engage customers in ways [...]

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Video Production

Five Arguments for Video Marketing That Drive Serious Results

Posted  November 16th, 2012  by  David Caron

If you’re considering video marketing, you’ve likely done some research. If you’ve done some research, you’ve likely been bombarded with “eye-popping” numbers that will “blow your mind.” 100 million Internet users watch an online video each day. 90% of online shoppers find videos helpful in making purchasing decisions. 59% of senior executives would rather watch [...]

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Social Media Marketing

Google +1 Facebook Like – What They Mean To Your Business

Posted  July 12th, 2011  by  David Caron

The Google +1 and the Facebook Like statistics are out! What does this mean for your business? How does the Google +1 and Facebook Like impact your traditional and social search? How does it benefit your business? These questions and more will be answered. The Google +1: Search Engine Optimization should be a priority on [...]

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Atlanta Website Design Promo Video Company

Website and Promo Video for Atlanta Company

Posted  January 10th, 2012  by  David Caron

We completed a phase one on the website design for CORE – Bridesmaids Couture about 5 months ago. This website design project was a collaborative effort by both companies. We developed the strategy, goals, and aesthetics of the design as if they were one in the same. There was a particular design element that we determined [...]

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Atlanta Marketing Company Explains Inbound Marketing

Posted  March 3rd, 2012  by  Ashley

What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by prospects. It centers on three main marketing tactics: content marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media marketing. Inbound marketing is basically integrated marketing; connecting lots of different marketing methods together to create a stronger presence online. One of [...]

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Search Engine Optimization

58 Percent of Americans Have Researched A Product or Service Online

Posted  May 10th, 2011  by  David Caron

According to a study by Pew Internet Research Center 58% of Americans have Researched A Product or Service Online. David Caron Design is committed to sharing information that helps local businesses flourish. So let us tell you what this study means and how it impacts your business.   Nearly six‐in‐ten adults (58%) have done research online [...]

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3 Easy Video Marketing Tips

Posted  January 16th, 2012  by  David Caron

So you’ve created your top notch corporate video or promo video. Now what do you do? Here are a few easy to configure and implement tips for increasing the values of your video production. Analyze Your Video Title and Include Keywords When you’re deciding the title of your video, do some keyword research.  Include keywords [...]

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Website Design

Websites Influence 97 Percent of Clients’ Purchasing Decisions

Posted  May 19th, 2011  by  David Caron

The design of your website is very important. There are also statistics to back up this claim. According to a survey by Forbes, 97% of clients purchasing decisions are influenced by a company’s website. This is what we are going to cover today: Website Design Website Usability What Does Your Website Provide or Offer it’s [...]

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