Business Logo Design

Business Logo Design


Getting your business logo designed or designing one for yourself can be challenging, depending on your skills. It takes a lot more than knowing how to use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. However, many people still try their hand at designing a logo for their business. 

If you are in the process of trying to design your business logo, we have a few tips that should help. 

Start with the Color 

The first thing you’d want to start with is deciding what colors your logo should have. When choosing a color palette for your logo, consider your competitor’s designs. Don’t just copy what your competitors are doing, as this will only confuse people and get you into trouble.

Think about what separates your business from the rest of the pack and how that can be shown in your color choices. While using more colors can be fun, it’s best to stick to three or fewer colors to avoid confusion. 

Go Beyond Grayscale 

When coming up with a business logo design, remember that colors are the foundation of your brand. Think about your goals and ethos when choosing a color palette. Try to stay away from black and white designs. A more sophisticated design will have a more significant positive impact on your potential customers. 

Choose The Right Font(s)

The font used for your business’s logo will also be an essential part of your branding. It must complement your logo and match its style. It’s best to use a traditional font for the text, like a slogan, but you can also try something more unique. If you’re going for a vintage look, use a serif font and choose a modern sans serif font for the text. The fonts are easy to remember, and they can be very stylish.

Apart from these, you should also choose a font that will match your brand identity. A basic font with different sizes and weights can also be considered. 

However, a custom font is an excellent choice if you want to stand out from the crowd. A custom-designed font will add an extra element of personality to your logo. However, crafting a custom font can be challenging. 

Keep The Design Simple 


We often tell clients that if they want the logo to be memorable, it must be simple. Most human beings can’t memorize complex geometric shapes. By keeping it simple and combining that design with the right mix of colors, you can get the best of both worlds. i.e., attract attention while still being easier to remember. 


The other upside to using a simple design is that the resulting logo is easier to reproduce on business cards, flyers, etc. 


Final word 


A high-quality business logo works for your business and meets its unique needs. The best business logo design isn’t the most complex, yet it has the intended impact on its target audience. That’s why logos are best left to the professionals to create, especially if you are serious about branding your business.

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